The final walk-through gives home buyers an opportunity to inspect a property before closing on the sale of a property.

During the walk-through, buyers can determine if the repair work they requested in the sales agreement has been completed. They can also confirm that the condition of the property has not deteriorated since last seen.

Because the walk-through takes place only a few days or even hours before closing, it’s easy for excited buyers to underestimate the importance of the walk-through. However, being thorough during these final steps can save buyers from unexpected headaches and expense. 

Bring this checklist and a copy of your sales agreement to the walk-through to keep you on track. Be sure to discuss any issues you discover with your agent before closing.

Here are some things to check but not limited to these:

Ensure that requested repairs have been made
Have all the repairs you requested in your sales agreement been made? Yes No
Do you have all warranties and/or bills for repairs made? Yes No


Check for items you purchased with the house
Drapes Yes  No
Appliances Yes  No
Lighting Yes  No
Furnishings Yes No
Hot tub or sauna Yes No
Play structures Yes No
Remote control devices for ceiling fans, alarms, garage doors Yes No
Owner’s manuals for appliances and home systems (air conditioning, heating, fireplace units, alarm systems, etc.) Yes No
Do the doors open and close properly?  Yes  No
Do the windows open and close properly?  Yes  No
Are any windows missing screens? Yes No
Are there any missing storm windows? Yes No
Are there any broken windows? Yes No


Check appliances and systems
Start the dishwasher when you come in.  Can it complete its cycle?  Yes  No
Test the air conditioner. Does the thermostat work? Does the system blow cool air?  Yes  No
Test the heating system work. Does it get hot?  Yes  No
Flip on overhead fans. Do they work?  Yes  No
Test the water heater. Is the water from faucets hot?  Yes  No
Does the doorbell work?  Yes  No
Does the alarm work?  Yes  No
Does the intercom work?  Yes  No
Does the garage door open and close smoothly and quietly?  Yes  No
Does the washer work?  Yes  No
Does the dryer work?  Yes  No
Does the stove work (check all burners and oven)?  Yes  No
Does the built-in microwave oven work? Yes  No
Does the damper in the fireplace work? Yes No
Does the gas come on in the gas fireplace? Yes No
Does the fan work in the gas fireplace? Yes No


Have any walls been damaged by movers?  Yes No
Have floors been damaged by movers?  Yes No
Have the floors been damaged by pets?  Yes No
Is all personal property not included in the sale removed?  Yes  No
Is all debris removed?  Yes  No
Check attic and other storage places
Is it empty?  Yes  
Check exterior
Is the landscape as you expected it?  Yes  No
Turn on the sprinklers.  Do they work?  Yes  No
Flush all toilets. Do they run, empty slowly, or leak? Yes No
Check all faucets. Do they leak? Yes No
Do the tub jets work? (spa tubs only)? Yes No
Turn on all showers. Do they drain properly?  Yes No
Check the basement. Look at the floor, walls, and any exposed plumbing. Are there signs of leaks?  Yes No
Check electric
Turn on all lights. Do they work?  Yes No
Check plate covers. Are they damaged or missing?  Yes  No
Check the kitchen and bathroom outlets. Are there GFCI outlets next to the sinks and other water sources?  Yes  No
Inspect the circuit breaker box. Are all the circuits labeled?  Yes  No